Saturday 07 October 2006

Weekend Soccer Report

Corwin finally gets a work out

Today’s game was a major blow out, 11-0. It was actually embarrassing. The other team seemed to have a lot of payers that hadn’t played much before. For example, the coach would have to yell at the goalie “pick it up! you can use your hands!”. There were only two extra players and when the other side lost a player at half time, we loaned them one leaving only one player on both sides not in the game. For the last quarter Nick, who had been dominating the game, was sent over to the other side to even it a bit more. They still didn’t score, but they did finally manage some actual attacks on the goal. Corwin scored his ony goal of the season, Jake scored twice, and Hiley scored his first goal ever. Andrew scored at least once from outside the goalie box.

I think the other coach thought Corwin’s team was running up the score, but it was hard to not do so. Our coach eventually forbade the defenders from crossing the midfield line at all. Given the state of play, I can’t believe that he hadn’t had this problem before, but may it wasn’t neary as bad. The only team was tough was the one defeat and that was a close game. It may be that this team hasn’t or won’t play the one other good team. Or the other teams had a deeper bench to adjust the on field skill level. On the other hand, I heard one of the parents say to the other “only one more game, right? then we’re done?”

The coach made Corwin place offense, which tired him out so much that he asked to be taken out. We need to make that boy run more.

Season Summary

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