Monday 02 October 2006

Upholding family tradition

The big excitement over the weekend was Alice wounding herself again (a month or so ago she ripped up her upper lip falling down at daycare — you can see some of the aftermath here).

We had returned from the soccer game and were hanging out while Mom was off building her social networks. I (in hindsight, foolishly) decided to use the bathroom. Just as I was getting started, I heard Alice start crying. The kids had been messing about all morning with frequent episodes of crying over nothing and Alice didn’t have the standard distress pitch, so I took the extra 10 seconds to finish.

I came out to find Alice covered in blood, sitting on the floor. She had cut herself just under her right eyebrow. Both Charles and Alice later claimed it was from falling against the chair, although Alice may have come to believe that from listening to Charles, who was eager to avoid any blame.

I could at first barely tell what was wrong, so much blood was flowing. I got Alice up on a wooden chair then got some wet clothes and bandages. I ended having to squeeze Alice’s head for two or three minutes to get the bleeding to stop. Alice was upset but, as noted, not completely terrified. She was basically calm once I was working on her, although she did complain that my pressure was hurting her (her head being a bit sore). My explanation about stopping the bleeding seems to have a made an impression because she asked about it several times later on during the day.

Once she was only bleeding a little bit I cleaned up around the wound and put a bandaid on to cover and compress the wound. I was afraid to take off her bloody shirt or even move her around. After a few minutes of sitting, I moved her over to the couch to rest more comfortably. Over the next hour I changed the bandage a couple of times and got her shirt off and cleaned most of the mess off her. Mom got home about then and gave Alice a bath to finish washing her off.

The biggest problem for the rest of the day was convincing Alice to not bounce around and jump off things as she normally does. Mentally, she was fully recovered about two hours after the initial injury. The wound had set up cleanly by the next morning, so I took off the bandage and let it air. Her eye was somewhat puffy but otherwise she showed no after effects. The only thing I notice is that when we looked at pictures in the evening, she didn’t want the picture of her sitting in the chair waiting to stabilize enough to move to the couch to be on the screen at all, even in the big list of pictures while we were looking at another picture. Otherwise, unless you noticed the small cut next to her eye you’d have no idea anything at all had happened.

I expect more of this, as head trauma is something of a family tradition. Fortunately, fast recovery is standard as well.

Alice after a bit of cleanup and waiting to be moved to the couch —

Alice the next day —

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