Wednesday 04 October 2006


We bought a color laser printer earlier this week. It’s for the business and we needed one because a certain tree-hating Mom was printing enough stuff to get her exercise from hauling it up the stairs. Charles, proving his paternity once again, was very excited about us getting a new printer. He demanded to see it and made Mom print a few things on it for him so he could see it in operation.

Later, the kids played with the shipping box (which I had set aside for them). At one point Alice was in the box and Charles nearby.

Alice: Charles! Play with me in the box!

Dad: [grabs Charles] No. This is my Charles toy.

Alice: No that my Charles toy! I want to play with him!

Dad: I should put the Charles toy in the box with you?

Alice: Yes.

Later the box was destroyed because Alice wanted it to be a train and Charles wanted it to have guns like his spaceships. Charles had flown it around as a space ship until it crash landed and they both fell out. Then Alice hopped in “front”, said “I drive now!”, and turned the box in to a train. Charles manned the guns in back, but Alice doesn’t allow weapons to be mounted on her trains, leading to a destructive civil war inside the train. Afterwards, they reconciled and engaged in a joint project to colonize the basement.

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