Saturday 28 October 2006

Market day

Today’s adventure was hanging outside the local Walmart, selling Cub Scout popcorn. Corwin had the afternoon shift, but we went at the start as well to help set up. The day was cool with a fierce wind, and sunny. Mom had to nag at Corwin to get him to wear a long sleeve shirt under his Cub Scout short-sleeved shirt, but he wouldn’t wear a coat or hat. After we had been there, in the cold and the wind for a while, I bought him a hat and gloves from the Walmart (which cost less then I spent on lunch). He wore them for a while, but eventually abandoned them. He didn’t complain of the cold, so I let it be. Charles liked the hat and gloves, at least.

Corwin did well, mostly behaving and holding up his “PLEASE BUY POPCORN OR I WILL HAVE TO EAT MY UNIFORM” sign for extended periods, even saying “Hello!” to passersby. Sadly, the sles were not what we hoped, but we did make a few sales.

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