Tuesday 03 October 2006

Life is so hard

Charles’ kindergarten teacher called me today to relate an incident in the school library. The class went there to turn in old books and check out new ones. Mom had carefully packed Charles’ old book in his backpack, but when it came time to turn it in Charles couldn’t find it. The librarian, having a long line of other children, told Charles she would help him with finding it in a few minutes. Charles reacted by completely melting down in frustration.

Charles was eventually rescued by his teacher and the finding of his book. Then it turned out that his new book had some kind of mark on it and Charles became extremely concerned about it because he didn’t want to be blamed for making it. His teacher eventually persuaded him The Powers That Be would make a note of it and not blame him. He was a bit sullen for the remainder of the day (which wasn’t very long) but did participate a bit.

The teacher just wanted to let me know1. She did ask if Charles had ever exhibited this behavior at home. Hahaha. I did note that Charles was doinga bit better because of his Lego™ building. He used to completely lose it when something went wrong (e.g., dropping the construct on the floor). Now he still breaks down but usually manages to get himself back at work before too long.

The teacher was also concerned that Charles would have permanent negative feelings about the library, but that’s something I haven’t really seen much of from him. If provided with external assistance, Charles can recover very quickly and doesn’t seem to hold grudges. Hopefully he is starting to learn to do that internally.

fn. I had already asked Charles about his day and received, as usual, no information at all. After that I offered Corwin the choice of being held down so Poly could lick his face, or telling me something about his day. He preferred to be licked.

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