Thursday 12 October 2006

Late Week Soccer Report

Charles waits to start the second half

It was a blustery day for soccer, a bit over 40°F with 10-20 MPH winds. I seem to have dressed Charles warm enough, as he didn’t complain about being cold.

The game was good. Charles had a couple of good plays where he looked like an actual soccer player. It was a tie with a final score of 0-0, mainly due to better than average defensive play (e.g., goalies who kicked the ball away or picked it up). Charles made a few runs at the goal but was stopped by massed defensive players (this was the most common fate of all of the runs, both sides had actual defense).

It looked like Charles was having a fun time. We got barely in time so he wasn’t tired out from the warmup and we had no complaints of tired legs or too much running afterwards.

Because this was a Thursday, Corwin finally was able to watch one of Charles’ games. He wasn’t overly impressed with the qaulity of play, claiming that “I could beat one of those teams all by myself”. I merely noted that this was the way Corwin played when he was in kindergarten as well, but I don’t think he believed me.

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