Monday 16 October 2006

Farm team

Corwin and Charles emerge after the successful conclusion of their expedition
Marvin, Mom’s second cousin, commanding

Last Saturday we went out to the family farm because it was harvest time. It’s good for the kids to have some glimmer of an idea of where food actually comes from.

I think the kids had a good time. Corwin and Charles got to ride in a combine harvesting soybeans. I made sure to warn them that farming involved large and dangerous machines so perhaps they should be a bit careful. I am not sure how seriously they took that, but none of them were permanently disfigured.

Charles liked the soybeans, eventually acquiring a stalk with a number of pods on it which he kept until we got home. He also found a pile of soybeans on the ground from a previous load. Apparently someone told him joking to keep a supply in his pocket. I found out later, after we were home, and I tried to pick up Charles that he had done exactly that. The soybeans spilled out all over the floor and Charles was very upset. He was even more upset when Polynomial started eating them. We managed to save most of the soybeans, carefully putting them in a baggy for safer storage.

Corwin was fascinated by the stream of soybeans from the hopper. The combine dumps the soybeans in the hopper, which carries it over to near the elevator. The soybeans are then dumped out of the hopper into a lifter that drops them in to the top of an silo. The soybeans flow out of the hopper in a stream, like water. Corwin found that fascinating. He made Mom nervous because the soybeans flow from the hopper into a trench with a large and powerful corkscrew. It had a mesh over it, but the holes were plenty large nough to fit a Corwin hand through. Corwin didn’t tempt fate, so perhaps he will live long enough to get kicked out of the house.

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