Thursday 05 October 2006

Another violin boy

Charles had his first violin lesson this Tuesday. He and Corwin are seeing the same teacher. The teacher had to tell Corwin to be quiet during Charles’ lesson because Corwin was offering advice and comments.

We rented a 1/10 size violin which is really teeny, tiny. Right now we are concentrating on clapping rhythms, so I don’t think the violin will see much action for a couple weeks yet. Just when I thought I had escaped “Twinkle” it is back!

On a related note, Corwin’s teacher took off the last of his fingering tapes. So now he is really just going for the fingering by sound and muscle memory. Unfortunately, I think I was using the tapes more than he was. My ear is not so sensitive, so I could look at Corwin’s fingers compared to the tape and tell if he was cheating on that low C or not.

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