Tuesday 31 October 2006

All Candy's Eve

The kids had a good Halloween.

We went to Corwin and Charles’ school to watch the parade of costumes and visit at the class parties. Charles said that his class mates like the goodies I provided for his class, so he was only mildly annoyed at my presence. We took Corwin home afterwards, but Charles insisted on riding the school bus back.

It was a wonderful night for trick or treat. It was cool (40°F and a bit cooler) with very little wind, no rain, and clear skies with a half moon. I dressed a bit warm and so I was toasty with a nice edge of cool. The kids didn’t complain about the termperature at all. We hit one street and a cul-de-sac (where Matt and Claire live). Then we popped down to Mara’s house, bypassing the intermediate houses. Corwin thought that was wrong, but I said I wanted to be sure to get to Mara’s house before the meltdowns started. Corwin couldn’t understand why that was a concern.

We hit Mara’s house, catching up with Mara and her sisters. As we left, Charles offered the question “when do we get to go home?”. It seems that I timed it just right. We did finish the circle of houses there and then headed back home. I offered to let Corwin go out again if he wanted, but he had compiled such a bag of loot that he decided against it. Corwin’s bag was so full he managed to literally pop it on the way back and we had to spend some time picking up his candy from the ground.

Mom said we only got 5 groups of kids to show up, and two of those were people we had asked to come over. Anticipating this, we hadn’t stocked up on candy, so there’s a chance we’ll still fit in our pants in a week.

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The glowing glider eyeballs were popular with Charles’ class. Corwin’s class liked the blinkie fringe yo-yos. The glow bug gummi candy was popular with everyone.

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