Sunday 29 October 2006

Adventures in learning

This morning, I took Corwin downstairs and started him on the path to being a really useful child — I gave him his first instruction in making coffee. All we’d need then is a remote controlled foghorn in his room. One press and he’s off to make fresh, hot coffee for his deserving parents.

Charles training last week consisted of trying to get him to hang up his coat. He claimed he couldn’t because he didn’t know how. I tried showing him but he was remarkably inventive in ways to fail. It was like a Mr. Noodle sketch. Just getting Charles to hold the coat by the collar instead of, say, the bottom waist button, was challenging. Next time I’ll set up a video camera so at least I have a tape to sell.

Alice has been reading Ten Little Dinosaurs, a cautionary tale of youthful exuberance. I was hoping that Alice would experience some personal growth by internalizing the moral of the story. I tried to enable this by saying “No more Alice-saurs jumping on the couch!” the next time she bounced around on the couch. Sadly, this simply made it more fun for her.

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