Sunday 22 October 2006

A night out

Kirsten was over last night to babysit the spawn. It apparently went OK, as she indicated that she would be willing to babysit again at some future time. We were a bit worried when we first left, as Kirsten seems to barely outweigh Poly (and there’s no way she masses as much as Corwin), but Corwin was obedient and cooperative which helped prevent any problems (the rest of the time he spent playing Homeworld 2). Alice and Charles were very happy to see Kirsten, while Corwin was happy to be left to game, so there was barely an awareness on the part of the children of our departure.

When we got home, Kirsten had Alice on the potty and was reading a book. Kirsten noted how much Alice liked that and Mom said, “oh yes, that’s why Alice likes to sit on the potty”. Sadly, I forgot to test Kirsten on her knowledge of Charles’ ship construction while taking her back to her house. She hadn’t even gotten past the front entry way before Charles was providing her a thorough debriefing on the subject.

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