Saturday 16 September 2006

Weekly Soccer Report

Corwin works his defensive magic

Today’s game went better, with Corwin’s team winning 5-0. They scored two goals in the first quarter. I thought the coach would have to tune down the offense to prevent running up the score, but the other team seemed stiffen up a bit after the first quarter. They lost it in the last quarter with three goals scored.

The quality of play of Corwin’s team continued to be good, with some excellent passing and runs on the goal. Corwin played defense today, getting some good stops. He was goalie in the last quarter but I don’t think the other team took any shots which left him without much to do. He does need to talk to his teammates more. I think the coach looks to him to provide local direction during defense but that involves communication, not something Corwin does voluntarily.

The other team had a couple of kids who used to play on Corwin’s team, Binet and Cora.

I also discovered that the camera doesn’t like certain children. I just could not get them in focus, even when they were just standing still. These are, of course, the kids that are already challenging to get good shots of. The key thing, though, is to set up an equipment based excuse early so it seems more plausible when you use it later in the season.

Season Summary

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