Sunday 24 September 2006

The curse of familiarity

It wasn’t a good day for Alice’s potty training. While Mom and the boyen were out, I tried to keep Alice dry. I managed to get her upstairs in the bathroom but I let her take off her own skirt and panties with the result that she took so long she had a containment failure on the throw rug in there. So she had a bath.

Then it was Mom’s turn. Not too long after she got back, Alice had a double containment failure in the media room (gotta love those hard wood floors). So Mom gave her a bath. Then it was back to me, with a failure in my office (gotta love those hard wood chairs). Mom took her up for a bath while I mopped up. When Alice was done in the bath she wandered about naked for a minute or so before having another failure at the top of the stairs (sadly, carpeted). At this point even Mom was exhausted so it was diapers for Alice.

On the other hand, this is the girl who is still dry most mornings (she has even slept overnight in underwear a couple of times with no problem). Or who lasted our entire shopping trip yesterday. She also has accidents at daycare only once a week or so. She can literally have more failures in a day at home than an entire month at daycare. I suppose it’s her form of family participation.

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