Monday 11 September 2006

Soccer Too

Charles’ first soccer practice

Charles had his first soccer practice today. He had been positive about it all summer, until this afternoon when it was time to actually go to soccer practice. At that point he refused to go or put on his shin guards. After some interrogation, Charles claimed that he couldn’t go to soccer practice because “I can’t run that fast that long”. I said that perhaps that was true, but the point of practice was to change him so he could run that fast for that long. He didn’t believe me. He said if they wanted him to go faster longer, they should just let him ride his bike.

Just before we left, Charles got out his bike and rode it from the garage to the end of the dead end, then proclaimed “that as long as I can go fast”. Given that it was only half way around the house, it was not the most impressive athletic performance I have seen out of a five year old. He was so exhausted by the effort that he was too “tie-warred” to go to practice.

Nevertheless, I bundled Charles up with Corwin and Jack for the trip to the soccer fields (luckily, Corwin’s practice is the same time and place as Charles’). Once there, I had the inspiration to kick the ball along to the field instead of carrying it. Charles naturally had to kick it as well and once he started he couldn’t stop. I was able to get him on the practice field, still kicking, and he was fine after that. He made it all the way to the end of practice without melting down or collapsing because he was too “tie-warred”. He even did OK at kicking the ball around. Perhaps he will finish out the season.

P.S. There were lots of kids I knew around. Charles’ team has one of Corwin’s teammate’s little brother. The youngest sister of a fellow cubscout is also on the team. Zina was in the next field on a different team, since she’s a year older (although she and Charles could have the same soccer relationship as Mara and Corwin).

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