Wednesday 20 September 2006

So they know who to blame

Last night was open house at the boyen’s school. Normally it’s a short sleeves, shorts, and ice cream kind of day but this year it was below 60°F out. I was glad to be wearing gloves, especially once we found out that the outside portion of the even lasted until 6:30 and not 6 as we originally thought.

Both Charles and Corwin were eager to show us their rooms. The boys were even interested in seeing each other’s rooms. The teachers seemed nice and we verified that Charles has, in fact, been speaking in class. His teacher did tell us one story of Charles which was eerily reminiscent.

It seems that early in the school day, everyone sits on a carpet marked off in squares. Naturally, Charles picked one particular square and decided that was his square. Normally he gets over there first to claim it but one day he didn’t and another child sat there instead. Charles then claimed he couldn’t sit down and refused to say way. Eventually the teacher managed to get him to explain the square possession problem. The teacher recommended that Charles ask the trespassing child to move, but he wouldn’t. The next time, however, Charles did ask and was able to sit in his square.

It reminded me very strongly of the story Miss Darcy told us about Charles wanting to sit next to her at circle time. Darcy didn’t let the same child sit in that position two days in a row (so that someone like Charles didn’t monopolize it). Charles would therefore sit in the next seat over to be as close as possible, explaining to Darcy that that was “not against the rule”.

Charles has also apparently impressed his class with his Lego™ construction skills. The teacher told us that the other kids all liked Charles’ Lego™ construction picture book. Charles and I made the book a couple of weeks ago for Friday show and tell. It was just a couple of folded over pages, stapled, with pictures of various Charles’ Lego™ constructs in it. I thought it much better than taking in actual Legos™.

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