Wednesday 06 September 2006

She remained here — in spirit, anyway

Alice still misses Erica. She has expressed this several times to both Mom and I, commenting out of the blue “I miss Erica”. She mentioned it a day or to ago and this evening, while in the basement, I noticed that Alice was apparently talking to Erica.

Investigating, I saw that Alice was playing with some toy vehicles, one a tractor with a hay bayler on tow and the other a sporty little red car. Erica was in the sporty red car, having made so much money over the summer that she could afford such a nice car. Dora was relegated to the tractor, being the sort of unserious girl who wanders about a jungle with a monkey instead of getting a paying job.

P.S. Alice is willing to watch Dora again, in addition to eating Dora yogurt and letting her drive the tractor.

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