Tuesday 05 September 2006

Returns department

Grandma finally got tired of Corwin and sent him back yesterday. We all went up to the Threshermen’s Reunion for the exchange. Corwin was not enthusiastic, since he had been there the day before and spent most of his time whining about wanting to go home right now. However, Mom had pushed hard on publicitiy of the event to Charles and felt obligated to let him wander about a bit.

There were lots of old tractors, and we heard some other children referring to them as “traction engines”, just like Trevor. There were some blacksmiths, who Corwin spent quite a bit of time watching. Corwin even managed to snag a piece of coal, which he carried around the rest of the time there. After a bit and seeing his hands, I gave him a small baggie for containing the coal.

Charles’ preferred activity was riding around in wagons with seats pulled behind tractors. Unfortunately, the show was winding down and those weren’t running anymore. Instead Charles had to settle for riding in a real steam engine train. Naturally Charles insisted that he, Alice, and Mom all ride in the caboose.

Mom bought one of the old rusted toys for Charles and Alice, a semi tractor-trailer. Since it was $3, Mom couldn’t afford more than one with the result that Alice and Charles had to share it. Neither of them took this gracefully, although when we got back home and there was a fight about playing with the entire toy, Charles let Alice have a turn first.

We also saw a sawmill, powered by a steam tractor. It did quite the job on cutting down a very large log. Charles was quite impressed with the ability to make lumber out of a log.

Afterwards, just to make Corwin even less happy, Mom stopped by a mall on the way home. In addition to annoying Corwin, Mom found a GIR T-shirt, making it a worthwhile stop.

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actually we were out there in the hour before we met you guys.

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