Wednesday 27 September 2006

Mid-week Soccer Report

Charles takes a shot at the goal

Charles had his second soccer game tonight. It was over at the school instead of the normal soccer fields, which made for some extra fun as Corwin still had practice over there. Mom and Alice watched Corwin while I tracked Charles, because Corwin was over at Jack’s and didn’t need transport. Mom had to stay late for for academic thingie, then picked up Alice and Corwin.

This game was a tie, 1-1. There was some dispute about a second goal for the other team, but it was decided that it didn’t count because it knocked over the cone that marked the goal (and presumably, had the cone been a post, it would have bounced off).

Charles almost melted down before we went, refusing to play at all and declaring that he didn’t like soccer. This was cause by the realization that going to the soccer game meant not being able to draw. I managed to persuade him eventually and he said he had fun afterwards.

Charles didn’t play as well as his first game, he spent most of his non-goalie time trailing 5-6 feet behind the ball, retracing its past like a little echo. The path was random enough that occasionally that was the right place to be.

At one point Charles was hit and the coach had to go an comfort him on field. He was crying and holding his arm in pain, until the coach said something I couldn’t hear and Charles under went a miraculous recovery, leaping in to action and laughing as he went. I suppose I could find out what she said, but I would probably ruin it via over use and then how would the soccer team cope?

Charles was goalie for a quarter and again he was so intimidating that the ball only got close to him once.

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