Thursday 21 September 2006

Mid-week Soccer Report

Charles mixes it up

Yesterday evening was Charles’ first soccer game. They played on a very small field, about half of the smallest soccer field, marked out with cones. Only 5 players were on the field at a time, which made for a large contingent on the bench.

Charles did well for his age. As expected, the game play is mostly a large scrum that chases the ball around the field in a brownian motion simulation. After watching the first part of the game, I figured the score would be zero-zero at the end. The scoring picked up later, though, with Charles’ team winning 3-1.

Because of the large bench, Charles played for somewhat less than half the game. The game was only 30 minutes long so Charles’ total play time was small. The last quarter, Charles was goalie and the other team only got the ball to his side once.

Still, Charles seemed to have a good time playing, although his priorities are a little off. After the game, when they had won, Charles came running up to Mom and me in a state of great excitement because he had after game snacks! That’s what matters at the end of a hard game.

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Wait…isn’t Brownian motion random? A 5 year old scrum is certainly focused around the nucleus of the ball. Perhaps electron orbitals would be more accurate?

Posted by: Brady's Dad on 23 September 2006 at 17:08

Think of the ball as the dust grain and the players as the water molecules.

Posted by: Dad on 23 September 2006 at 18:15
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