Thursday 14 September 2006

Dancing with myself

Today Alice was dancing in front of the front closet mirror. As far as I could tell, she was singing

Where is Alice?
Where is Alice?
There me is!
There me is!

Alice also managed to not poop her pants this evening. She farted a little bit and then claimed she was poopy. She wasn’t, but I hustled her upstairs and she did some major pooping in the potty. Another year or so and she’ll be potty trained.

Posted by Dad about Alice at 18:05 | Ping URL

That is a song they sing at CDL. Though normally you don’t sing it just about yourself.

Posted by: Mom on 15 September 2006 at 05:46

Naturally, less than an hour after I wrote this, Alice had a containment failure in the basement.

Posted by: Dad on 15 September 2006 at 08:36

Alice is going to love knowing that her poop progress was published for all the world to see :)

Posted by: Tara on 15 September 2006 at 14:28

At least she is way ahead of her brothers.

Posted by: Dad on 15 September 2006 at 14:57
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