Friday 01 September 2006

Alice's Leap Year

One giant leap for Alice-kind

Alice has been a very jumpy girl lately. She has always liked jumping and bouncing but she seems to have really lept in to it lately.

Her favorite jumping related activity currently is jumping on Dad. I can still hear her little voice asking “Daddy, can I jump on you?”. The way it works is, Dad lays down on the bed or the couch. Alice then climbs up on Dad, stands up and jump as high as she can, then lands on Dad, who responds with a grunt of pain. Alice laughs at this and begins the cycle again. Eventually Dad becomes too sore to continue, at which point Alice gets very sad. Alice was also sad when Dad stopped her from climbing up on the back of the couch before jumping. Just a bit too much energy that way.

The picture here is from Alice jumping off the bleachers at soccer practice. She made a lot of jumps. I took some pictures, but I got tired of taking pictures of her jumping before Alice got tired of jumping. That’s dedication.

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