Monday 21 August 2006

The child that didn't cry

Alice’s first day back seems to have gone OK. Mom took her in and managed to escape in less than an hour. Alice was in maximal clutch mode at first, but after only 30 or 40 minutes was willing to be put down. I picked her up and was told that she had been sad for a while but eventually cheered up. She was playing happily in the outside playground when I got there and walked over to me instead of rocketing, which is a good sign.

I took Charles along with me, even though he was very reluctant. I had to drag him through a couple of doors, prying his fingers off the frame. We ran in to Miss Darcy but Charles wouldn’t talk to her. It seems that Charles has moved on by trying to forget everything.

There are two “Alice”s in Alice’s class. I thought we’d picked a normal yet sufficiently unusual name to avoid that problerm (who names their girl children “Alice” anymore?). But there’s a cute little chinese girl in the class named (or called) Alice as well. I told the teacher that she could call Alice “Princess Grumpy Pants” but Alice said “no! that not me!”. I offered “petite flower” but Alice refused that as well. Later, though, while walking out, I pointed out the flower on her shirt and she decided that she was, in fact, a petite flower.

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