Wednesday 23 August 2006

Technology clash

Corwin has switched back to playing HomeWorld. He’s mastering the three dimensional movement and fleet management. He can complete some of the early missions, although I am working on him to not call salvage corvettes “slah-vahj” corvettes.

What amuses me is how this interacts with Charles’ constructs. After Charles’ super plane was smashed by the evil door, he rebuilt it much blockier and discussed how much stronger it was. This was too much for Corwin, who started grilling Charles about the weapon and structure of it, based on HomeWorld, for instance “Do you think a Heavy Cruiser could break through its armor?”. Charles picked up on this and started calling his vehicle a “brother ship”, which is even better than a mother ship. It can build mother ships and, of course, Heavy Cruisers.

Corwin, being a number oriented type, started asking Charles about armor thickness in terms from the technical data guide to HomeWorld. Corwin would then come to me and scoff at Charles — “Charles says a Heavy Crusier can’t break through the armor on his brother ship, but he said it only had 5 armor! A Heavy Cruiser has 90000 armor! And it doesn’t even have ion cannons!” Then they get in to big arguments about the relative combat capabilities of HomeWorld ships and Charles’ ships. Well, not really argue so much as throw increasingly inflated claims back and forth.

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