Sunday 06 August 2006

Misery: Last Days

On Saturday, we spent the morning getting rid of the pests that had invaded our rental house. Both Uncle Craig and LeAnn and Scott and their families headed out around 9AM. The survivors who hadn’t been voted out of the house hung around for lunch and then Mom decided it was time for some shopping. Everyone got something at the outlet mall except for poor Dad. There was a “Paper Factory” store, but alas it turned out to be a party supply store.

In the evening we tried some swimming. Although Alice had been wearing her Dora life jacket for most of our outings (incuding the shopping expedition), she absolutely refused to wear it while swimming. Mom and Charles went down to swim while Alice cried and screamed for literally 30 minutes rather than put on the life jacket to go down to the dock. Of course, she insisted on having it put on her the minute Mom declared that we were done swimming.

Since it was our last day, Charles finally warmed up to the dock and swimming around in the lake. Mom says he’s gotten to be quite good at using the inner tube. Perhaps he will be willing to learn to swim now.

After Mom came back and rescued Alice, Corwin and I went down for a final swim, riding the wakes of the passing boats. There were a lot of boats out, with many big ones going fast generating some serious waves. It was much busier than during the week (which was good for us). The poor family next door was trying to dock their pontoon boats in those waves along with a noticeable wind.

We had a quiet evening, eating pizza on the deck near the dock. The kids were sent to bed early to get ready for departure the next morning.

On Sunday, we had an early morning with lots of packing. We managed to get on the road by 10:30. The road trip went OK, without too much “are we there yet?” questions. We got home around 5PM and released Erica from her house sitting duties. I spent the evening hooking my computers back up and finishing up this weblog stuff. Mom got some laundry fired up and watched some TV. Alice was very happy to be re-united with Big Dora.

Tomorrow we wil be back to the grind (and Erica will have the thrill of getting the kids’ view of what happened on vacation — she is much looking forward to it).

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Sounds as if you had a great trip. Now you will need a week to rest of from all the activities.

Posted by: Karen on 07 August 2006 at 16:18
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