Monday 07 August 2006

Misery: Final mission wrap-up

Vacation is over and we’re getting ready for the start of the new school year. Here are my collected writings about our little adventure1:

If any of the other participants have other comments, please leave them here or on the appropriate daily post.

Finally, there are a few things I wanted to mention that didn’t fit in the day to day description.

  • Because we had two Ashlyns of roughly the same age, I initially referred to them as “Craig Jr.” and “Scott Jr.” but later settled on “A-11” and “A-10”, which caught on more.
  • We played a lot of Magic, the card game. I took along a couple of my personal decks and a lot of pre-constructed decks, which worked out well.
  • Ashlyn brought along a poker set she had recently recieved for her birthday. The kids played a bit of poker, until one of the decks got Aliced.
  • Worms Armageddon worked out well, along with bringing my small computer (regardless of what Mom says). The best feature of the game is that it’s multi-player on one computer and each turn can affect every player, so it’s much more interactive among the children than most computer games.
  • One late afternoon, Corwin and A-10 were playing Worms with the goal of killing as many worms as possible in one turn. I remarked that such a goal was “sick” and “twisted”. Ashlyn just chortled and replied “Yes, we’re very sick and twisted!” before rejoining Corwin in their virtual worm killing experiments.
  • Charles was much more interactive than normal. He was willing to give hugs to Scott and to talk with Ashlyn and Gwyneth and let them rub his head.
  • Corwin seemed to get along with the other kids as well, although this was somewhat because he was the best at Magic and Worms Armageddon. At one point, I had to force Corwin to sit between Ashlyn and Gwyneth to prevent the two of them from fighting over access to Corwin (it was fine to poke at Corwin and try to pull his arms out of their sockets, but reaching across a sister was a horrible breach of etiquette).
  • Because I had a computer there, we could look at the dailies from my camera, leaving a selection running on the screen during dinner and other gatherings at the main table. Unfortunately, due to a missing cable, I couldn’t download from A-10’s camera.
  • Cousin Ashlyn had the best place to sleep, getting a bed to herself. Ashlyn and Gwyneth slept in another bed in the same room. The boys were pushed out on to the couches and mattresses in the downstairs area. Corwin and Charles were OK with that (Corwin especially, since it meant he had to move only his arm to start watching TV when he woke up). Liam slept out with them as well, although he had a harder time of it. Cousin Bryson and Cousin Dawson slept out there once or twice, but then migrated back in to their parents rooms. Alice slept with Mom and Dad. Overall, I thought it worked out reasonably well for having 15 people in the house.
  • I played some ‘Weird Al’ Yankovich for LeAnn and Scott from the music video DVD. Oddly, the kids liked it as well, particularly Fat and The Saga Begins. I had to cut them off so that we could get on with supper.
  • I want to thank Erica, our house girl, for watching over the house and pets while we were gone. She managed to clean up almost every trace of her wild parties without structural damage to the house.

I think the vacation went very well. The number of child melt downs was significantly less than I anticipated, and the adults all got along well. We had originally been unsure that we would be able to keep the kids busy and entertained, but in the end there was too much to do, not too little. I think having lots of kids made things (overall) much more fun for them. We could have spent two weeks, if we didn’t need to keep our jobs. It will be a hard choice next year between this and the ocean.

The sun sets on the dock as we depart

1 You may notice that these are interspersed with other pictures, which I set up before we left to keep things going while I was off line.

Posted by Dad about Family at 08:55 | Ping URL

Just noticing that you forgot to mention that I was 1-0 against you in Magic this trip. I’m sure you had a more lengthy post planned on the subject, but I thought I’d mention it just in case as I’d hate for that not to be recorded for posterity.

Thanks again to you and “Mom” for organizing the trip. We all had a great (if exhausting) time!

Posted by: Scott on 09 August 2006 at 08:39

Heh. The best MTG game was the one against Ashlyn when I got up to 78 life before she conceded.

Posted by: Dad on 09 August 2006 at 08:41
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