Friday 04 August 2006

Misery: Day Six

Gwyneth takes the fall

This morning we went out boating again for a couple of hours. We took everyone with us to get the boat to maximize the on board time. After some frantic searching we found the rental place, got on the boat, and let the children do some inner tubing.

After boating we went back to the house for lunch. Somehow I ended up having to go out swimming with Gwyneth and the Ashlyns (A-11 and A-10). Other than them trying to drown me, it went OK, although I wondered why I was hanging out with a gaggle of young girls in swim suits instead of say, Corwin hanging out with them with me just supervising. As you would expect, the boys were up in the house playing on the computer (Worms Armageddon, provided by Erica).

After lunch we rushed back out to the state park to take a cave tour. We were a little late but the staff managed to catch us up to the main party so we had almost the entire tour. I think the kids liked it, except Charles seemed a bit scared on the way back out of the cave. I thought it was interesting, we even saw a couple of bats.

We then headed back to the beach at the park, but I was dropped off at a coffee place with internet connectivity, to get my fix. Without me, the mood was much lightened and much fun was had swimming and fishing at the beach. Alice and Liam gave Mom a hard time, trying to sneak off in to the deeper water anytime she wasn’t looking. Mom claims this was partially because Alice had become fixated on Cousin Ashlyn and wanted to go where ever she was (which, not surprisingly, was frequently in water too deep for Alice, girl without fear).

That evening, we had the final round of glow stuff (and this time, Gwyneth asked, I didn’t force it on the kids as usual). I let Charles have the 5-minute super bright 15” glow stick, because he had been so patient during the week with not being able to partake in many of the activities. We had a lot of fun with the glow, and then everyone bedded down because the other two families were heading out in the morning.

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