Wednesday 02 August 2006

Misery: Day Four

Ashlyn, Gwyneth, and Corwin play water bumper cars

To make up for Charles having such a difficult time, LeAnn and Mom took Charles off to see the Bagnell Dam, the dam that makes the lake. Charles had been asking about the dam, so it seemed fitting. That went OK except for a major Alice melt down when they left McDonalds. Charles liked it, enough that a day or two later he was still pointing out the turn to the dam whenever we drove by it.

The rest of us went off to race go-karts and water bumper cars. That was a lot of fun, if a bit pricey. Corwin tried the kiddie carts, which was OK for him, and then we let him do the large go-karts. He did very well with that, resisting the temptation to go faster than he could handle. He was still fast enough to not get lapped by the other drivers, one child and three adults. Corwin, Ashlyn, and Gwyneth then played water bumper cars which was a lot of fun for them. Everyone then headed back to the house for lunch.

After lunch we split up in to smaller groups. LeAnn and Scott (with the wrong Ashlyn) went off to shop for souveniers. The rest of us went out to race a couple of more times later in the afternoon (because it was half price for second and subsequent rides). Corwin continued to do well, gradually increasing his speed as he got a better feel for the go karts.

I raced once and in that race, Cousin Ashlyn passed me right off the start (which I wasn’t expecting). Being a mean and vindictive person, I then spent most of the rest of the race pressuring her. She was very agressive about squeeze plays and I didn’t want to bump too much, so I let her get away with it. Patience paid off, though, because near the end concern over my passing attempts caused Ashlyn to take a corner too tightly and she bumped the wall. I was close enough that this cost her the lead and I gradually opened up the distance until the end a few laps later1. Burn!

Post racing, Uncle Craig’s family (less Ashlyn) went off to play real golf. Corwin and I went back to the house to hang with the rest of the crew (including the other Ashlyn), which was something I had been looking forward to. I did try to drop by Starbucks and get an Internet fix on the way backbut it didn’t have wireless connectivity! I thought that was illegal. But Mom might let me sneak out to another place with connectivity tomorrow2.

We did some swimming in the evening, but Alice had a major meltdown on the dock. Mom wanted her to wear a life jacket while out in the deep water and sit on a float with Mom, but Alice wanted to go off swimming by herself. This eventuall lead to Alice being put back on the dock, where she cried for 5 or 10 minutes before passing out right there. We left her sleeping for about half an hour until it was time for supper.

Late in the evening we broke out the glow stuff. I handed out the light ropes and tried out the bracelets, which were reasonably successful. The ribbon and fire works blinkies were popular, although the fireworks were the clear winner there. The LED flashlights were also been popular. Most of the gang played out on the stairs but Corwin was too blasé to participate (having seen all of Dad’s lame glow stuff before, although he wasn’t too proud to borrow the blue flashlight with the glow wand extender to read late).

1 The astute reader will wonder how I could race Cousin Ashlyn if she was off shopping with LeAnn and Scott’s family. What happened was that that Ashlyn came with us to the go-karts and was then dropped off at the shopping area on the way to the golf course, cleverly optimizing her fun acquisition curve. She’s a smart yet conniving little girl.

2 Didn’t happen.

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