Monday 28 August 2006

Laptop model

Perhaps there is some hope for Poly after all.

I was quite upset with her at the start of the weekend. I had bought a set of nice markers to make big work related drawings, but Charles and Alice broke down my resistance and I let them use the markers. I did, however, insist that they keep the markers in my office so I would have a chance at finding them and putting the caps back on.However, I had neglected to factor in Poly, who immediately grabbed one of the caps and chewed in to a fine dust.

On the other hand, we took her out a couple of times over the weekend without a leash and she didn’t run off. It’s possible that she’s finally associating running off with getting put back inside. One help was that Mom got a special dog frisbee which Poly liked. In any event, she lasted longer tha usual without problems.

On the third hand, Poly has decided that she’s a lap dog, as long as it’s my lap. Apparently she saw Alice climbing on Dad one too many times and thought “I should do that too”. Poly now jumps right up on my any time my lap is available (present, and not Alice-occupied, although the latter isn’t always a deterrent). Poly almost fits and it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t put her in a position where she feels compelled to nip at my face.

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