Tuesday 08 August 2006

Humoring Alice

One evening during the vacation, Alice entertained the parents with her newly developed knock-knock jokes. I think this is the first time I can remember Alice telling a joke. They went roughly like this:

Alice:: Knock knock!

Dad: Who’s there?

Alice: Alice!

Dad: Alice who?

Alice: Alice has red juice!

[Alice jumps up and down, laughing]

Alice: That funny knock joke! [laughs]

Dad: Are you a funny girl?

Alice: No! [laughs]

Alice’s tag line would vary and correlate closely with whatever she was doing at the time, but she always had the parents laughing heartily. She managed to try out variants on all of the parents.

At a later point, Alice was on a bar stool at the counter and was trying to get off. I turned to her and asked “Do you want Daddy to help you?”. In response, Alice slid off the chair, bonking her head, and then said “Yes!”.

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