Thursday 10 August 2006

First job

Corwin got his first paid job last night. The neighbors decided to go away for a long weekend last night and asked us to look after their dog, Arnold. At first the idea was that Arnold would stay at our house (Mom was a bit concerned about committing to four days of that when Arnold had never been in our house before). We went ahead and triedit last night but it didn’t work out. Our main concern had been Poly pestering Arnold in to a nervous breakdown, butit turned out that POset doesn’t like Arnold and doesn’t like him enough to go after him. That, we hadn’t expected. POset normally just hides when there’s something she doesn’t like in the house, not to mention that even from their first meeting, POset never messed with Poly.

Sadly, this means Arnold has to stay alone in the house. It’s probably still better than a kennel, it being a familiar house and (hopefully) Corwin will spend some time with Arnold. We’ll see how much of the effort Corwin actually does. There might well be a parent tax.

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The neighbors made it back, and Arnold survived. So a first job successfully completed.

Posted by: Mom on 14 August 2006 at 08:37
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