Saturday 19 August 2006

Erica's gone I hear, she's drifted off to school&hellip

It was not a tearful scene as Erica departed from us yesterday. Corwin was the ony one willing to even give her a hug. Charles just refused and Alice was having too much fun burying herself under pillows and blankets on the couch. At least Erica didn’t bolt like frat boy out of a chess club. She even promised to put up a few more posts about her summer experiences (after her father ratted her out at lunch with the comment “oh, Erica has so many funny stories about the summer”).

Still, I wonder. In the last few days, Erica was taking the little ones out on the Internet, showing them things like Hamster Dance. Alice and Charles thought this was wonderful, but — Dad was in deep weeds when Erica wasn’t around and Charles needed to see it again. Whatever I typed in was wrong. I tried looking through the browser history, but by this time Charles was so upset that he started crying “not that one! the other one!” by the time I could type three characters in the address bar. It was a major league meltdown for Charles. Some sort of subtle revenge for the appalling working conditions and miniscule pay, I expect. Or perhaps she’s looking for some “consulting fees” in the future, to set up bookmarks for those websites. Probably learned that from her dad.

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