Monday 14 August 2006

Caboose train

We visited a local train museum yesterday. They run a train over a couple miles of track on the weekends. This weekend they had a special caboose train, only one regular passenger car and 6 or 8 cabooses.

We got to be in the last of the cabooses because Charles likes to be at the end, and we scrambled into the top seats. As always Charles just seemed tolerant of the whole thing, but this morning he was talking all about it while driving around his Percy train and wanting to know when we could go again. Alice and Corwin liked it ok too.

Before and after the train, we looked at the displays in the stationary trains. They had some real signals, pictures of a round house, and a model train set running. They of course had a gift shop too where we picked up “Annie” and “Claribel” trains for the kids train set.

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What I remember is Charles wanted to watch the model trains in the back of the museum for a long time. He watched them for a while until it was time to ride the real train. As soon as we returned, Charles said “I want to look at the museum some more”, by which he meant “I want to watch the model trains in the museum some more”.

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