Sunday 27 August 2006

Brother Ship 2

Brother Ship 2 has several improvements over the previous model

  • A name — “Shippy”
  • It can shoot sand out of its engines
  • It has a lava gun in front, along with a magma generator to supply it (Mom’s still wondering where Charles learned the word “magma”). If you touch the gun, it will sting you (being hot enough to hold lava).
  • It has 45 generators for power, one of which can make gasoline to fuel the others (the ship can hold 45 pounds of gasoline). The generators are all numbered “45” to avoid confusion.
  • It can hold 99 more pounds of cargo than Brother Ship 1.
  • It has the “most powerfu gun that can be built”, powerful enough to blow up a mothership in one shot. But it doesn’t blow up brothers, because you can’t shoot it at people. It’s too powerful for that.
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