Sunday 13 August 2006

Area effect

Alice is becoming ever more dependent on her band-aid fix. I find discarded wrappers all over the house now, sometimes in heaps two or three deep. I think it’s not so much that Alice is wounding herself more often (I think I can at least hold that off till she’s a teenager) but that she thinks of band-aids as topical analgesics. She keeps them on for only 5 or 10 minutes before taking them back off, their analgesic properties having expired. Just today I saw her putting one on her foot. I asked

Dad: Do you have a boo-boo there?

Alice: No. Boo-boo on my toe [points it out]

Dad: Then why are you putting the band aid on top of your foot?

Alice: [puzzled] Boo-boo on my foot.

It seems that the effect of the bandaid doesn’t depend even on direct application, just somewhere in the same area of the body.

P.S. Alice is now trying to get at the box of band-aids on the kitchen counter, mewling piteously “I need it! I need it!”

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Alice was sharing the analgesic effect though. Yesterday while I was sitting on the couch with Corwin and Poly, Alice came by and applied the band aid on Corwin and me several times. Each application was only a second or two. Strange how later she complained that the band aid kept falling off.

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