Friday 11 August 2006

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Corwin went over to visit Jack one evening this week. Eventually they tired of him and I was sent to retrieve him. When I mentioned this to Mom, Charles asked whether Anwen was going to come over. I indicated that was unlikely, as she was over at Jack’s house, but maybe Charles could come along and give Anwen a big hug. Charles thought that was a great idea, so off we went.

I barged my way in to their house to retrieve Corwin, on behalf of Charles, not because I would ever do anything like that on my own (after all, it was For The Children™). Charles followed right behind me. As soon he was in the house, he saw the object of his desire and made a bee-line for … the box of Legos™ in the corner. As far as I could tell, Charles took no notice of Anwen at all. I can’t decide if Charles liked Anwen better at our house, better in theory than in practice, or it was all a trick to get at the Legos.

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