Wednesday 19 July 2006

Putt-putt, dear child

Daddy, can I wear this on the LPGA tour?

Corwin’s string camp has evening activities as well, which Corwin has been attending. Last night it was Putt-Putt golf. Mom was off to a parents’ meeting at the day care so I had the privilege of taking all three of the kids off to the event.

Alice was happy to go, but Charles declared that he didn’t want to play. I told him he was going anyway, but I would take along his catalog folder so he could look at those while everyone else played.

Once there, I left Corwin to the tender mercies of the camp staff while I kept an eye on Alice and Charles. Charles was happy to sit and read his catalogs but Alice insisted on golfing. I tried to help her with setting up and swinging but she angrily declared “I do it!”. Her technique consisted of putting the ball down at the tee off point, poking it at it with the putter and then carrying it over to the hole. See for yourself. For some reason, Alice consistently tried to put the ball down while holding the putter against it, which made the operation a bit more difficult than it otherwise would have been.

Alice got bored with the golfing experience after about 6 holes. Instead she took to wandering the facilities, occasionally running in to Corwin as he golfed. What Alice liked best were the fountains in the putt-putt terrain. We spent a long time looking at the fountain in the return pond and the waterfall at the start. This made it fun for Charles as well, because Charles and I were able to discuss plumbing (a subject guaranteed to perk Charles up) and how the water was moved around, not to mention use the word “pipe” in proper context.

Overall it was a fun outing for the kids. Corwin even interacted with some of the other children who were along. And Charles and Alice didn’t start whining about going home until 15 minutes or so before we left.

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Alison and Isaac often use the same technique (hit ball once, place ball 1 inch from hole, hit in cup), though Alison much less often since I’ve been taking her to the real practice golf green at Stone Creek. It’s good logic, actually. If the object of golf is to hit the ball in the hole, why start so far away? It makes me wonder why I spend so much time playing such a silly game.

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