Friday 07 July 2006

Out at the Movies

Corwin, Charles, Alice, and I took off the other afternoon to see the movie, Cars. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Even Corwin wanted to have a post-movie conversation/critique. When we walked into the theatre lobby, everyone caught a strong whiff of the popcorn. Alice immediately exclaimed, “I want popcorn! Alice popcorn!” Corwin attempted to sneak away into the game room, but his plans were foiled by quick ticket-buying skills. Charles obviously knows how to play the game, because he stuck tight to the person with the money. When it came to pick concessions, Corwin took his time, carefully contemplating the candy selection. Alice made it clear that she was not going to change her mind, as she chanted “Alice popcorn! pleas??” over and over and over (and over) until she had the bag in her clutches. Charles stood in front of the counter and stared at the popcorn machine and “combo meal” board until everyone had their selection:

Erica: Charles, do you know what you’d like?

Charles: No, I do not know. What do they have here?

Erica: Um…here’s what they have “points to stuff”…

Charles: Do they have popcorn here?

Erica: Indeed, they do.

Charles: I will have popcorn.

During the movie, Charles became completely still (having eaten his popcorn very quickly) and was one with the movie. Alice sat in my lap, ate some popcorn for the first 30 minutes, squirmed for an hour and fifteen minutes, then fell asleep for the final minutes of the movie (now she’ll never know how it ends). Corwin helped Alice eat her popcorn, laughed like a maniac, squirmed almost as much as Alice and, of course, covered his ears during any lengthy or “touching” dialogue.

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