Sunday 16 July 2006

Opening doors

The other week I was home alone with Alice and Poly, Mom having taken the boyen off somewhere (and Alice having stated that she wanted to “stay here” and watch Dora). I figured that with Alice zoned out on Dora and the outside doors closed because of the air conditioning, I could slip in to my office and get a bit of work done.

I coded for a bit and then decided to check on Alice. Woops, no Alice on the couch! In fact, I couldn’t find Alice anywhere in the house. I then decided to look around outside and there she was, playing in the driveway. Alice had also let Poly out to roam the neighborhood as well. It turns out that Alice is strong enough to open up the heavy glass sliding doors by herself. It is always such an … interesting experience to see your little girl growing up and able to do new things.

P.S. Alice can’t work the locks yet, but based on prior experience I don’t expect that to stymy her for much longer.

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