Monday 31 July 2006

Misery: Day Two

The shooting gallery

Uncle Craig and his crew arrived mid morning. We then headed out to cruise the local conurbation for fun (three minivans full of fun hungry children — I hope we didn’t frighten the locals). We originally thought we would try mini-golf or go-karts, but it was over 100° with a cloudless sky so when we saw Miner Mike’s Family Fun Center and realized it was air-conditioned, we updated our plans and decided to try it.

It ended up being a good choice. It had a lot of the standard ticket oriented games (athough the cow milking one was a bit unusual), plus a small ferris wheel, train ride and bumper cars. Alice just clung to Mom, but Charles thought the train was very fun. Corwin burned through tokens on the games, but he did have one memorable video game. It was an underwater adventure involving shooting various evil sea creatures. Some other random child jumped in when Corwin started because it had two player cooperative play and he had been waiting for a partner. The two of them played for what seemed a very long time. I was impressed.

The crowning glory of the place was the Miner’s Maze, a super playland structure. It was expensive to get in and the kids could only be in once, so we were somewhat hesitant because of a fear of the kids getting bored after 5 minutes. We took the plunge and the kids had to be dragged out two hours later. Their favorite part was an open area with air powered foam ball shooters on each side to shoot at each other. Much time was spent there, with parents drafted at times to feed ammo to the gunners.

The entire experience took the rest of the afternoon so we could head back to the house for supper, having acquired a sufficent quantity of fun for the day (to keep on the fun accumulation schedule).

The only real downside was poor Charles, He went to cash in his tickets and he saw a train related buidling set (for 10,000 tickets or so) and became so fixated on that that he was unwilling to choose anything. Poor LeAnn had to pick for him, but he didn’t want any of her choices because they weren’t the building set. He was the only child who didn’t spend the maximum time in the maze, opting out after only 15 minutes or so. This would the first of a series of bitter disappointments for Charles on the vacation.

After dinner we took some time to go swimming in the lake. Mom had purchased some fishing poles and Charles wanted to try them out. He spent some time casting and I thought he was OK, but I then spotted him sobbing on the dock. I tried to cheer him up but he was sad because the fish weren’t biting for him. Beyond the fact that I didn’t see much prospect of good fishing close to shore, 10 feet from where a gang of children and adults were splashing in the water, there was also the problem that Charles being so young we had deliberately not put a hook on his line. I went with some comforting instead of explanation and vague promises of better fishing later in the week.

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Well done coming up with a link to Miner Mike’s.

And I think it should be pointed out that the bait that she-who-must-not-be-named purchsed for fishing came from a Live Bait Vending Machine in front of the local Wal-Mart (though they were hardly the only place to have such machines). As far as I am concerned, that’s up there with the milk-the-cow-for-tickets game in the things-you-dont-see-every-day categrory.

Posted by: Scott on 09 August 2006 at 08:30

Oh, yes, how could I have forgotten the live bait vending machines? Even better than the beer vending machines in Japan.

Posted by: Dad on 09 August 2006 at 08:39
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