Sunday 30 July 2006

Misery: Day One

The view from the back

We made it to the vacation house. It’s quite a nice house, with its own dock on the lake and plenty of room inside. It has a master bedroom suite with a jacuuzi which Mom and I took over (although whether we will have time to use the jacuzzi is highly dubious). It has three other bathrooms, which makes a big difference when you have three families in the house. There is an upstairs screened in deck with a gas powered grill plus a lower porch with steps down to the dock and the lake. There is also a lower deck, close to the water, with chairs and a table for lake side evenings. The house has a big drive way (big enough for three minivans without using the garage) with two points of access to the road which also helps a lot when you have three minivans. The two downsides are that there is really no flat area nearby (so the kids can’t play outside except for swimming) and no internet connectivity. Still, it seems a good choice.

The house has a TV upstairs and downstairs, both with DVD players. The upstairs TV is a huge 50” (or bigger) version. This is, of course, an object of veneration for all of the children. Everything here else is stuff they do while the parents have turned off the TV. I think the kids are enjoying the vacation despite the limited time on the TV.

Our traveling wasn’t too bad, leaving at 8:30 AM and arriving by 3 PM. Alice was saying “I want to go home” about 10 minutes out from the house, but Mom managed to put her off until we got to the vacation house. The van wasn’t completely packed, either, there is actually a bit of room in the back and in front of Charles so we can buy lots of junk souveniours.

It turns out that LeAnn and Scott got off to a better start than us and arrived before we did, so they had to pop off and go shopping (which was a major hardship on their girls).

In the afternoon, we hit the dock for some swimming. There’s a tiny beach which was good enough for the little ones even though it’s large gravel instead of sand. The older ones all went off the end of the dock, where the water is at least 12 feet deep. Corwin tried to do some fishing later on but managed to lose his line, hook, and lure in about 5 minutes of casting. It seems that the side supports and roof of the dock clashed with his style.

We had a nice supper, played some cards, watched some TV, and enjoyed some glowsticks before resting up for the first full day of vacation.

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I have to give Corwin credit. Ashlyn managed to put her hook on top of the dock next door. Twice. Corwin, however, managed to put his hook on top of the roof over his own head. Rules of physics don’t seem to apply to your family. Cool.

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