Wednesday 26 July 2006

Little bits of Alice

Alice can put on bandaids all by herself. She can open the wrapper, pull off the tabs and apply it. I think it’s a sign of good development, but it doesn’t seem to be in any of the child rearing books we have as a marker. I suspect she learned from her brothers — Charles has long been able to put on bandaids and frequently the only way I know he’s cut or scraped himself is from cleaning up the empty wrapper and tabs in the bathroom.

Alice can count to two most of the time, and to three sometimes. She knows the rest of the numbers through ten but not the order.

I was reading an alphabet book to Alice and we got to ‘L’ which had “long legs” as the mnemnonic.

Dad: Alice, do you have long legs?

Alice: Yes. [pointing at her legs] One leg. Two leg. I have two leg.

Dad: Can I have one?

Alice: No. I need them to hold down my feet.

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