Saturday 01 July 2006

Dad's one special day of the year

Green Rage 4 (PML 4” AMRAAM) on an H180

Today was Daddy activity day. I had the GARLO annual rocket launch to attend.

It was a good launch, althought just on the edge of being too windy. Sadly, I messed up my camera work and didn’t really get any good pictures. I forgot one camera (Mom brought it to me later, but most of the good opportunities were gone by then). And I had the metering messed up for the first half of the day, during which I would otherwise have had some excellent shots.

Corwin came out with me to the launch and stayed the entire time. He was very patient and cooperative, even going out to fetch a rocket for me. I must help him build something to launch next year.

In the evening, right after I returned from the launch, Mom and I headed out to attend my 25th high school class reunion. It was more pleasant than I anticipated and I actually was a bit bummed that we had to leave relatively early to rescue the babysitter from our children.

We had Lauren (Allison’s older sister, one of the Kirsten crew) over to babysit. It was her first outing, which didn’t turn out as a disaster so perhaps she will do it again. Her mom was very excited about it, though. Lauren is a bit young, so we arranged to arrive back before bedtime and not overload her with an extended child care experience (even though she’s been through a class on babysitting — gosh, I never got to have a class before I was sent out to babysit for the neighbors).

Now I’m very tired, but I had to do some photo editing (during which I discovered the results of my poor technique) before I went to bed.

Tomorrow, it will be Graceland at the house.

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