Monday 24 July 2006

Corwin to the rescue

Saturday morning, Corwin found a very small turtle out on the road. I was sent out to perform a rescue. Originally I just moved him over to the grass by our mailbox, but decided that it would be better to move him over to next to the park, where there was water, trees, and much better cover.

I had originally thought he was very sick, but when I went out to move him the second time, he was much more active so I suspect it was just the shock of being on the road and / or interacting with Corwin. Corwin was very concerned about the turtle (although not enough to help me with him) and it was nice to be able to tell him the turtle had a good chance.

You can see how small the turtle is by looking at how big the blades of grass look in the picture. It must have been a very young turtle, although how it got where it was is beyond me.

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