Tuesday 18 July 2006

Another Cute Alice Story

During the week, the children spend much of their time in the basement. While the activities range from computer games, driving trains, whapping Corwin with inflatable bats, and throwing bouncy balls all over the place, there remains one constant : Alice and her toy families.

On a typical day, Alice will find one toy (let’s say a blue car, as this was the first one this morning) and name it either the “mommy car”, “baby car”, or “daddy car”, according to its size. For a while ,she will play with the one car, but then demands to find the missing family members: “Where my blue mommy car? Where daddy car at?” Then, Alice and I will tirelessly search the basement until the proper size and color of vehicle have been found. Once all three are assembled, Alice can continue with her play. Sometimes, she’ll play will all three, but she usually just wants to make sure no one is seperated and lonely, because that would be sad.

Naturally, when the toy families reunite after a long absence, they have a lot to say to one another. Today, the conversation went like this:

Mommy car: “Hello baby blue car!”

Baby car: “Mommy car!”

Mommy car: “Um.…want a go shopping with me??”

Baby car: “Of course! I a need to get out of here first [the box of cars]. ‘Scuse me cars! ‘Scuse me! I ok, mommy car! Daddy car stay here now.”

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