Saturday 29 July 2006

Things you shouldn't show your children

I ran in to this on the internet and thought I’d show it to Alice who likes dressing her baby doll. Unfortunatey, Alice really liked it. She asks for it specifically, sometimes instead of “pictures of Alice” (which are another favorite request of hers). A few evenings ago I showed it to Mom but Alice saw it and wanted to see it again and again and again… At first she just sat on my lap and next to me to watch it, but after a few repititions she decided she needed to dance along with it. I noticed that she was trying to emulate some of the moves of the people in the video, although it wasn’t very obvious.

Alice also broke down in to a screaming fit at one point because I clicked the “wrong” button to make it play (the fact that it was playing was irrelevant). Just in case you ever show this to Alice, click the big play button in the middle, not the play button in the lower left.

It is actually some very cool magic so you might want to watch yourself. Once.

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Alice saw this post on my screen this morning and demanded another four or five playings. When she was finished, she insisted on

  • My hitting the “stop” button on the player.
  • Closing the browser.
  • Turning off the monitor.

Is all of that a plea for help in resisting the lure of this video?

Posted by: Dad on 29 July 2006 at 11:46
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