Tuesday 20 June 2006

With just a little gravitic help

We had some rain over the weekend and the street flooded. The neighbors have complained to us about that, but honestly I like it because the kids have fun with it. Or they did, the boyen being noticed by their absence this time around. But no matter, Alice had fun with the water. Among other things, she found flat, round stone which I skipped for her. Alice like that but was a bit mystified when the stone did not end up near the first splash. Dismissing this anomaly as unworthy of delaying her fun, she began flinging the stone around, jumping and clapping with joy every time it made a splash. She would call out “I do it too!” to make sure Dad knew that Alice could throw the stone accurately enough to hit the water.

As you can see, Alice had quite a narrow target for hitting the water with the stone

But her phenomenal accuracy gets her the splash

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