Saturday 03 June 2006

Tower of Party

We survived Marina’s party. I took Charles and Alice, as Mom had to take Corwin to dog training training.

We managed to get there on time despite the kids. It was at a local petting zoo, which the kids liked. They got to touch various animals. Alice was hot for every animal, pushing to the front for contact. Charles was willing to touch the animals (unlike the sharks) but it tended to be perfunctory, just to have done it. Megan, the girl he shared a cubby with at day care, followed Charles around at this, at one point reaching out and stroking Charles’ cheek as if he were one of the animals. I complimented her on her bravery. Her mom mentioned later that Megan had talked about wanting to go over to Charles’ house. Charles, as is his wont, failed to reciprocate any of this affection.

Charles liked the pizza and cake. There was also a small tower, about 20 feet high, with a nice stair way and platforms for the kids. Charles had a lot of fun with that. Alice liked it as well. There was an enclosed slide that she went down several times before she became brave enough to go all the way to the top. Charles let me take a few pictures but then he started screaming in fear every time he saw the camera pointed at him. It didn’t take long before all the other kids were doing it as well. A bit later I had to go up to the top myself because Alice wasn’t in sight and I wanted to verify that she was up there with the rest of them. You’d have thought I was tossing kids out the window from the screaming, which the parents heard all over the park. I beat a hasty retreat to cries of “let’s fight him!”.

Most of the time Charles was OK, although for a while in the middle he was clutching at me and insisting that I do something, although he refused to state what it was I was supposed to do. Fortunately the cake arrived about then and I was released.

There was a piñata but Charles wouldn’t swing at it. On the other hand, he didn’t hesistate to dive in to the scrum once the candy fell out. I held Alice back and managed to extract a piece for her fromCharles’ collection. Charles then tried to snatch a piece from some other girl who had it, because it was of a type he didn’t have. I told he could try trading, but he refused to try. The girl was very nice about it, and tossed him the piece that he tried to grab. I made him give her another piece (of a type she didn’t have) in exchange.

No kids were evacuated while crying and I had to drag both of mine away, which translates as a big success in my book.

UPDATE: Party pictures.

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