Thursday 29 June 2006

The future is but an echo of the past

Ancient hunters, when they killed their prey, used almost every part of the animal for something. Mainly this was because they were so poor even random chunks of bone from a dead animal looked good. But still, the point remains that Charles has been harking back to this era lately.

As everyone knows, Charles has been enjoying his Cup of Legos™. I thought we had gotten our money’s worth out of it, but lately Charles has also been playing with the cup itself as a primary toy. Last night he was using it as a lightning bug catcher, chasing down the bugs and scooping them up with the cup. Charles also demonstrated for us the fact that lightning bugs seem to flash more when they are bouncing around inside an empty Lego holding cup.

All in all, though, it does look like Charles has a good shot at making it as a professional hunter-gather. I wonder if there are any scholarships available in that area.

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