Thursday 01 June 2006

Return of the Destructor

Princess Grumpy-Pants has been living up to her name recently. Before we left on our recent trip, Alice was in a particularly uncooperative mood one evening. Mom had to put her in time out twice and finally restrict her to a food and water diet.

Last night Alice was at it again, hunting down Charles’ Legos™. When told to stop, she picked up Charles’ van and flung it across the room, which made a crying Charles even more unhappy. Mom had to stop her yet again this morning from flinging the Legos™ around where Poly could eat them.

P.S. I tried to help Charles put his van back together, but after first telling me that he wanted me to do it, he kept interrupting and “helping” so much that I handed it back to him. He did get it re-assembled, so no permanent damage was done.

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