Monday 12 June 2006

Mulling blue

Charles is starting to become slightly more aware of the world around him. He noticed the mulberry tree at the end of the dead end street yesterday and made me pick off some mulberries for him (not remembering his previous outing with Erica).

Charles found the mulberries very tasty, although he insisted on calling them “blueberries”. Alice tried a few because Charles was eating them. She found the mulberries OK but didn’t seem interested except as a reflection of Charles’ fondness. I did manage to persuade both of them to get fresh berries from the tree instead of trying to eat the ones that had fallen on the ground (Poly spent some time trying to clean those up). Later on the neighbors came by and put out a big sheet of plastic before shaking the tree to collect the ripe berries, but the press of events meant that I had to drag the boyen away without participating.

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